Advanced production techniques: Dive deep into the latest techniques and tools in video production.

Apr 8, 2022

Blue Flower

‘’AI is taking over the world’’. Heard many times, but we don’t always agree. French Hours believes that AI is a great plus and if used correctly, you can achieve great video production goals. It definitely can be a game changer in your video content strategy. So now, how can you use AI the right way in video production? 

AI video creation tools 2024 

There are many tools you can use nowadays for video production. We believe that creativity can, in fact, meet efficiency. Only when used the right way. 

Looking at the most popular AI video production tools, here’s a short list: 

  1. Synthesia 

Great for educational content and can create realistic video content from only text input.

  1. Runway ML

A favorite among creatives, offering powerful video editing and generation features. Think of GAN-based effects, together with object removal and style transfer.

  1. Deep Art Effects

Another one for creatives, since it gives the ability to transform art-style presentations using AI.

  1. Lumen5

Are you a social media marketer or a content creator? Then this is the AI video production tool for you. Why? It’s easy, quick, user friendly and converts texts into engaging video content.

  1. Pictory

Convert long form content into short videos.

  1. Descript

As a creator, you can edit videos by editing the transcribed text. This gives the ability to make the editing process straightforward and more intuitive.

  1. InVideo

In need of promotional videos, such as advertisements or social media video content? With InVideo, you can choose between a wide range of templates and custom options.


Again, an amazing AI video production tool for digital marketers and content creators. It gives the option of features for video editing, together with comprehensive video creation. 

As you can see, each of the video production tools offer something unique to them. If you don’t know how to choose right, go back to your video content strategy. In your strategy, you can find the goals and needs of the viewer, which gives you a better understanding on what type of video content you need to create.

Sora AI: From text to video 

One of the biggest growers within AI video production is Sora AI. Sora AI generates realistic and surrealistic high quality videos, generated with a prompt. Currently, Sora AI is still being tested by security researchers to check all possible critical risks the tools can possibly create.

With this being said, don’t forget that the best way of using AI, is to combine it together with production as we know it. Raw and real.